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Welcome to MCA

Magadi Cricket Academy ( MCA) began in 2010 solely to shape young cricketers. MCA through the years has become one of the finest cricketing academies in the South of Bangalore.

  • At MCA, we offer various levels of coaching for different age group – starting from the age of 5 to 19 years. In our specialized coaching center our highly-professional coaches cultivate and encourage competitive spirit among our students. Our coaching faculty comprise of a team of talented coaches with immense experience in the highest levels of cricket, including playing for the Indian Team for Indoor cricket. We also use the services of many current and former First Class Cricketers, former national and international professional players from various parts of the world. These coaches possess a wide array of expertise and knowledge covering all areas of the game and help our students in their cricketing career.

    Our coaching is not only for boys but girls too. Our girl students have been inducted into the state side. Children at MCA are exposed to play against the best teams in their age groups in popular tournaments conducted in Bangalore.

    Presently, our academy also trains & manages school cricket teams at Jyothi Kendriya Vidyalaya, Prarthana School and Alpine Public School.


Founder & Level'O' Coach Manjunath

Coach Manjunath has for the past 10 years been working along with a group of junior coaches to bring quality coaching to any cricketer above the age of 6 who wants to become better at playing the game of cricket.

Manjunath, is a ‘O’ level certified coach and has passionately been mentoring and guiding young cricketers right from the basics to graduating as Zonal and State level cricketers. He also has been given assignments by the Karnataka State Cricket Association to manage visiting teams from other states in Bangalore.Having played cricket in the 1st division of the state league, Manjunath, nurtures the love for cricket and grooms skills in cricketers who are rank beginners and have no idea how to play the game.

Manjunath’s philosophy is simple… He says, “My responsibility is to coach cricketers to, Play their Game, to the best of their ability”. “At Magadi Cricket Academy, I do my best to provide a host of opportunities to cricketers to play cricket in matches and tournaments. Cricket does not stop with net sessions”. “The more you play as a team; you learn bonding, learn to take pressure, play against better cricketers and learn with every ball bowled and each run that is scored”.

As a cricket coach, Manjunath, has coached numerous cricketers to wear State Cricketing Colours in the U14 to U19 levels. A few of them are… Aditya Mani, Vashist Rampriya, Bharath Devaraj, Ananya Subhash, there are many more that are knocking on the doors of Zonal levels of cricket.He has a preference for coaching the basics of the game to young cricketers and working on the mental games of cricketers of all ages.Manjunath of MCA, is a dedicated coach and is his approach, knowledge and training methodology has also made him be a preferred coach to school cricket teams in South Bangalore – Alpine Public School, Jyothi Kendriya Vidyalaya & Prathana being some of them.


Coaching is about developing better people, no matter what age or ability, not just better cricketers. At MCA, we are there for our players and believe in the power of positive mentoring.

We provide even match experience to players through internal and external tournaments

We try to create environment which:

  • Is challenging and fun, safe and encourages a sense of belonging
  • Encourages excellence in performance
  • Fosters participation, skill development and teamwork
  • Emphasizes fair play and upholds the ‘Spirit of Cricket’

Looking for join our Academy?



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